Time flies, with you still, Happy Father's Day!





Often say

Father's love is a mountain, high and majestic;

Father's love is a water, deep hidden;

Father's love is a pair of hands, stroking us through the spring, summer, autumn and winter;

Father's love is a tear, a tear full of temperature,

It is speechless, but it flows into my heart.


You are the one who gave me life,

Draw a happy childhood for me with love,

When you are young, you always think of yourself as a horse.

Let me ride on your high shoulders,

At that time, it was the closest distance between me and the sky.

growing up

In youth, you are becoming more and more strict with me.

We both turned a lot of time when we didn’t agree with each other.

You are silent, but carefully arranged everything for me,

After many years, I discovered that your love was so deep.

It is endless tolerance for me.

grow up

Come out to work,

You become the bank that I will always overdraw,

It is also a strong backing when I encounter setbacks.



You always pay for me silently,

Like Yueqisheng Electric,

I have been silently accompanying me!

Dad, I have grown up.

I will change the wind and rain for you in the future.

No matter how long the road is,

I will still be with you!

Time flies, with you still!


June 16, 2019,

Father's Day is on schedule,

On this great day,

Yueqi Sheng Electric, said to all fathers: Happy Father's Day!

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