The perfect product, perfect for you!





Today, we want to recommend the GDKES smart socket series.

Minimalist yet stylish outlet,

Let your new home change into the wind, how to take pictures is good!

Simple aesthetic design - love you from the face value

The GDKES Smart Socket is a low profile, yet atmospheric ivory.

Not only shows the elegance of the owner,

It can also be the crowning touch of the entire home decoration.

Borderless design, the beauty of aesthetics,

Simple visual beauty and elegant style,

Make switch sockets easy to integrate into different themes of home design.

Luminous dots of luminous light,

Injecting stylish, delicate elements into small switches,

It embodies the entire switch atmosphere without losing the details of the embellishment.

Just the right angle of opening and closing, the rounded corner of the corner,

A comfortable visual and tactile feel is guaranteed.

Outstanding performance - love you finally connotation

A selection of PC material panels, smooth and durable, especially new.

High temperature and flame retardant performance.

Let each touch become a fingertip enjoyment.

Large pitch design of misaligned two-three pole sockets,

Meet more two and three at the same time.

The socket has a child protection door.

Let the warm home not leave hidden dangers.

The internal parts are made of high quality tin phosphor bronze.

Good electrical conductivity and long life of plugging and unplugging;

The switch button uses an enlarged silver-nickel alloy contact.

It can effectively reduce arcing, safe and durable.

GDKES smart socket series, the value and performance coexist.

The perfect product, perfect for you!

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